Why Choose Us?

Know what it can be like searching for a car.

What makes? what model? 

Sedan or wagon? SUV? Pickup truck? Red? Black? FWD? 4WD? it goes on and on.

At Masterson Motors we are here to listen to your wants and help determine your needs.

We want to find the right vehicle for you!

Buying a vehicle off the internet can be a scary thing. 

Especially if it's coming from outside of Finland.

Is there an issue with it? Is it the same vehicle in the photo? 

Am I being scammed by someone? Will the vehicle even show up?

At Masterson Motors we rely on John's over 45 years of experience in the automotive sales sector to find the highest quality vehicle for you at the best price possible.

Once we find your dream vehicle, it will be either safely and securely loaded in a shipping container or transported by truck to the port of departure.

We use well respected and verified transportation companies to move the vehicle by road or rail, ensuring it is protected and treated with  respect on ever step of the journey.

Masterson Motors then ships the vehicles by either roll-on, roll-off (Ro-Ro) ship        or container ship from Canada to Europe.

We use industry leaders in the vehicle shipping business who have been confidently transporting the world's supply of cars, trucks, machinery, and more around the globe.

Once it arrives on Finnish soil, we transport the vehicles by trailer (whenever possible) to our secure garage location to conduct final preparations for delivery to you.


We know how difficult and stressful the importation and registration process of a vehicle can be. From customs to taxation, inspection to registration; the steps can be numerous and time-consuming!

We will complete all the required checks, modifications and paperwork so that you wont have to worry about any of it.


At Masterson Motors we take care of all these for you. When you come to pick up your vehicle, you can drive away confident that it is fully road legal and safe to drive.

We can also help you purchase motor insurance from one of our preferred partners or from any company of your choosing.

Just because you have driven away, doesn't mean we have forgotten who you are!

Masterson Motors prides itself on the after-sales service we provide.

We have built connections to a wide array of businesses to serve our customers after purchase.

Personally selected mechanics across Finland have been found who specialize in or have extensive knowledge and experience working on North American vehicles.

Tire retailers and installers, who provide excellent service at competitive prices.

We will gladly work with you to find the right service provider for whatever your automotive needs are, wherever they are.

Since the vehicles sold at Masterson Motors are primarily North American brands, you may wonder what the availability of spare parts may be in Finland.

We have sourced out nearby parts suppliers in the Baltics who are able to provide the required spares for most jobs.

For those harder to find parts we have access to a very extensive parts network across Canada which we can source and bring to Finland.